1068 Series, Turret Connectors

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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
Through Hole
200.0µin (5.08µm)
Brass Alloy
0.719" (18.26mm)
PC Pin
0.561" (14.25mm)
0.072" (1.83mm)
0.057" (1.45mm)
Press-Fit, Wire Wrap

About  Turret Connectors

Turret connectors are specialized connectors that feature circular flanges arranged around a central post for making solder connections, wire wrap connections, or a test point. These connectors are commonly used in electronics and electrical systems where reliable and secure connections are critical. The turrets themselves vary in length, with options ranging from 0.123" (3.12mm) to 6.090" (154.69mm). Additionally, turret connectors come in both through-hole and panel mount versions. The circular flanges on turret connectors provide robust anchor points for soldering wires or attaching wire wrap connections. This ensures the connection is secure and stable, even under conditions of vibration or movement. Turret connectors can also be used as a test point, allowing for easy access to the circuit under test without having to disrupt other components or connections. Turret connectors are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different applications. Through-hole types are designed to be mounted on circuit boards, while panel mount types are ideal for applications where the connector needs to be easily accessible on the front or rear panel of equipment. Overall, turret connectors provide a reliable and versatile solution for making secure connections in electronic and electrical systems. Their circular flanges and central post design ensure a strong and stable connection, while their range of lengths and mounting options make them suitable for a variety of applications.