COMBICON IMC Series, Solid State Lighting Connector Assemblies

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IMC 1 5/ 4-ST-3 81 WH
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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
Free Hanging (In-Line)
0.150" (3.81mm)
14-30 AWG
Board to Cable/Wire
Plug, Male Pins

About  Solid State Lighting Connector Assemblies

Solid-state lighting connector family comprises a range of interconnect products that have been specifically developed and marketed to address the unique requirements of LED-based illumination applications. These products are designed with a specific emphasis on meeting the needs of such lighting systems. One key focus within the solid-state lighting connector family is to ensure low product and assembly costs. This prioritization of cost-efficiency aims to make the interconnect products affordable and accessible for a wide range of LED-based lighting projects. By minimizing expenses, these connectors can be widely adopted, contributing to the widespread use of LED-based illumination technologies. Another significant consideration is the compatibility of these interconnect products with wire-to-board applications. The connectors are designed to facilitate the seamless connection of wires to circuit boards, ensuring a secure and reliable electrical connection. This particular focus enables easy integration of the connectors into LED lighting systems, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, the interconnect products in the solid-state lighting connector family are designed to accommodate relatively low mating cycle life expectancies. LED-based illumination applications often do not require frequent disconnection and reconnection of the connectors. Therefore, the connectors are engineered to meet the specific durability requirements of these applications, optimizing their performance over the expected lifespan. Furthermore, these interconnect products are tailored to handle current capacities of a few amperes or less. This aligns with the typical power requirements of LED-based lighting systems. By considering these specific current capacities, the connectors are optimized to deliver efficient electrical performance within the parameters of LED illumination applications. In summary, the interconnect products in the solid-state lighting connector family are purposefully designed to cater to the unique demands of LED-based illumination applications. They prioritize cost efficiency, compatibility with wire-to-board setups, resilience to low mating cycle life expectancies, and suitability for low current capacities. These features ensure that the connectors effectively support the integration and operation of LED lighting systems across various applications.