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Arduino R3 Shield
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Intel® Curie™, TB6612

About  Robotics Kits

Robotics kit products are a popular and versatile option for those interested in exploring robotics as a hobby or educational pursuit. These kits encompass a diverse range of pre-assembled and non-assembled robots, components, and add-on accessories, catering to an array of skill levels and interests. The control electronics utilized in these kits are typically based on popular development hardware ecosystems such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This enables users to take advantage of the vast library of tutorial content and software resources developed around these platforms, facilitating a smooth learning curve and an intuitive programming experience. The range of products within this category includes a variety of robots, from simple starter models to advanced programmable machines capable of autonomous navigation and complex interactions. These robots are designed with various functions and features, such as sensors, actuators, and communication modules, providing users with diverse options to explore and experiment with. In addition to the robots themselves, robotics kit products also include various components and add-ons, such as motors, wheels, controllers, and sensors, that can be used to customize and enhance the functionality of the robots. These add-ons provide users with the flexibility to modify and iterate upon their designs, tailoring them to specific requirements and preferences. Overall, robotics kit products offer an accessible and engaging entry point into the world of robotics, providing users with the tools and resources needed to explore and experiment with this exciting and rapidly-evolving field. By leveraging popular development hardware ecosystems and a diverse range of pre-built and customizable robots, individuals can gain hands-on experience with robotics and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue advanced projects and applications.