130146 Series, Power, Line Cables and Extension Cords

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12.00' (3.66m)
Female Sockets (Slots) to Leads
NEMA 5-15R

About  Power, Line Cables and Extension Cords

Power cables, line cables, and extension cords are essential components used to transfer electrical power from a wall outlet to external equipment. These cables feature interconnects on one or both ends, allowing for the safe and efficient transmission of power. These devices utilize a variety of connector types to ensure compatibility with different electrical systems and standards. Some commonly encountered connector types in this category include: AFSNIT 107-2-D1: This connector type is used in Danish electrical systems. AS3112: AS3112 connectors are commonly used in Australian and New Zealand electrical systems. BS 546: BS 546 connectors are found in British electrical systems. BS1363: BS1363 connectors, also known as UK plugs, are widely used in the United Kingdom. CEE (7/16, 7/4, 7/7, 7/VII): CEE connectors are used in European electrical systems, with different variants available based on voltage and current requirements. CEI 23-(16/7, 50): These connectors are used in Italian electrical systems. IEC 309: IEC 309 connectors, also known as international industrial connectors, are used in various industrial applications. IEC 320: IEC 320 connectors are widely used in computer and information technology equipment. IEC 62196: IEC 62196 connectors, also known as Type 2 connectors, are used for electric vehicle charging. IEC 884: IEC 884 connectors are used in medical equipment. IRAM (2063, 2073): IRAM connectors are used in Argentine electrical systems. NEMA (1, 10, 14, 5, 6, L14, L15, L16, L21, L5, L6): NEMA connectors are commonly used in North American electrical systems, with different types available for different applications and voltage levels. SANS: SANS connectors are used in South African electrical systems. SEV: SEV connectors are used in Swiss electrical systems. SI 32: SI 32 connectors are used in Slovenian electrical systems. These connector types comply with specific electrical standards and regulations in different regions, ensuring safe and reliable power transmission. By utilizing the appropriate connector type for a given electrical system, power cables, line cables, and extension cords ensure proper connectivity and efficient power delivery. In summary, power cables, line cables, and extension cords with various interconnects provide the necessary link between wall outlets and external equipment. The wide range of connector types available allows for compatibility with different electrical systems worldwide, enabling the safe and efficient transmission of electrical power.