EVQQ7 Series, Navigation Switches, Joystick

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Ingress Protection
Termination Style
Functions, Extra
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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
Surface Mount
-40°C ~ 85°C
J Lead
Plunger for Cap
20mA (DC)
Navigation Switch, 2 - Axis
4-Way Directional, Center Select
Digital (Mechanical Switch)
15 V

About  Navigation Switches, Joystick

Joystick and navigation switch products are essential electromechanical components widely utilized in human interface applications for controlling multi-axis directions, as commonly seen in game controllers. This product family encompasses items that offer straightforward two-state contact closure outputs, as well as devices that provide proportional outputs indicating the magnitude of actuator travel along with the direction. These components play a pivotal role in enabling users to interact with electronic devices by facilitating precise and intuitive control over movement in multiple directions. They find applications not only in gaming but also in industrial control systems, robotics, aerospace, and various other fields where accurate and responsive directional control is essential. The range of products within this family includes traditional joysticks with simple on/off switch functionality as well as more advanced variants capable of providing analog outputs that correspond to the degree of movement in different axes. This level of versatility allows for a wide spectrum of control possibilities, catering to diverse user preferences and application requirements. In summary, the joystick and navigation switch family consists of electromechanical components that are vital for human interface applications involving multi-axis directional control. These products offer a range of functionalities, from basic two-state contact closures to sophisticated proportional outputs, and find widespread use in gaming, industrial control, robotics, aerospace, and other fields where precise directional control is paramount.