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LDPW 0003R
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4.5V ~ 5.5V
14-DIP Module

About  Laser Diodes, Modules

Laser diodes and modules are semiconductor devices that have the capability to emit a highly focused and intense beam of radiation in the infrared, visible, or ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. These devices operate by utilizing the principle of stimulated emission, where light waves of the same wavelength, phase, and direction are produced in a coherent manner. Laser diodes and modules are available in a wide range of power outputs, from less than 1 milliwatt to multiple watts of peak optical power. This allows for versatility in meeting the requirements of various applications, whether they demand low-power laser beams for precision tasks or high-power beams for industrial or scientific purposes. These devices also come in different sizes and form factors, with a variety of input voltage and current specifications. This ensures compatibility with different electronic systems and power sources, making them adaptable for integration into various setups. Laser diodes and modules find applications in numerous fields, including telecommunications, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, research laboratories, and entertainment. They are used for tasks such as fiber optic communications, laser printing, laser cutting and welding, barcode scanning, laser pointers, scientific experiments, and laser shows. In summary, laser diodes and modules are semiconductor devices capable of emitting highly focused and intense beams of radiation in specific regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. They offer a wide range of power outputs, input specifications, and form factors to accommodate diverse applications across industries. Whether it's for telecommunications, medical equipment, industrial processes, or scientific research, laser diodes and modules play a pivotal role in delivering precise and coherent laser beams for various purposes.