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Omron, A16

About  Configurable Switch Components - Lens

Product range of configurable switches consists of modular electromechanical switch systems that offer users the flexibility to create customized switches tailored to their specific requirements. These switches are designed to adapt to a wide range of applications, particularly in industrial or control settings. One important component within this product family is the "Lens". Lenses serve as the surface with which users interact to activate the switch. These lenses are available in various colors, aiding in the recognition and differentiation of switch functions in the end application. In product series that include illumination features, the lenses are typically constructed using transparent or translucent materials. This allows for the transmission of light, enabling the illumination feature to enhance visibility and usability. The transparency or translucency of the lens material enables the light generated by the illumination source to pass through, providing clear visual feedback to the user. The availability of lenses in different colors provides additional benefits. By using distinct colors, users can easily differentiate between various switch functions or states, improving operational efficiency and reducing the potential for errors. This color-based recognition helps users quickly identify the desired switch and facilitates intuitive operation in complex control systems. In summary, the configurable switches offer users the ability to assemble customized switch solutions, and the "Lens" components play a crucial role in these systems. With their availability in various colors and materials, including transparent or translucent options for illuminated series, these lenses enhance the recognition of switch functions and improve usability in industrial or control applications.