Brad Quick-Change 120070 Series, Circular Connector Adapters

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Brad Quick-Change 120070
ImageProduct DetailPriceAvailabilityECAD ModelIngress ProtectionShieldingColorLength1st Connector Mounting Type2nd Connector Mounting TypeCable Type1st Connector Type1st Connector Gender1st Connector Number of Positions1st Connector Number of Positions Loaded1st Connector Shell Size - Insert1st Connector Orientation2nd Connector Type2nd Connector Gender2nd Connector Number of Positions2nd Connector Number of Positions Loaded2nd Connector Shell Size - Insert2nd Connector OrientationAssembly ConfigurationCable MaterialUsageSeries
MIC 5P F/FR BPM 30CM #22/1 PG9
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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
0.98' (300.00mm)
Panel Mount
Female Sockets
Wire Leads
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Industrial Environments
Brad Quick-Change 120070

About  Circular Connector Adapters

Circular connector adapters are used to facilitate compatibility between different styles of circular connectors, whether they are designed for free-hanging or panel mount applications. These adapters enable the conversion from one circular connector style to another, accommodating a wide range of connector types including DIN, M12, M22, M23, M35, M40, M8, MiniDin, XLR, 1 3/8, 7/8, 8-2 to 8-98, 10-2 to 10-98, 10SL-3, 10SL-4, 11-4, 11-8, 12-3 to 12-98, 12S-3, 12S-51, 14-2 to 14-AA, 14S-1 to 14S-A7, 162 to 16-99, 16S-1 to 16S-A18, 16S-A19, 17-16, 17-28, 18-1 to 18-32, 20-2 to 20-41, 20-A37 to 20-A9, 22-1 to 22-55, 24-2 to 24-79, 24-A24 to 24-A35, 28-2 to 28-79, 28-A16 to 28-A63, 32-1 to 32-73, 32-A10 to 32-A55, 36-3 to 36-79, 36-A34 to 36-A98, 40-56 to 40-87, 113 to 675. These adapters play a crucial role in ensuring seamless connectivity and interoperability between circular connectors with varying specifications. By supporting a diverse range of connector styles, they provide flexibility and convenience in interconnecting different types of equipment and systems. Whether it's adapting connectors for different form factors, pin configurations, or mounting styles, these adapters serve as essential components for achieving versatile and adaptable circular connector solutions across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications.