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RATCHET P-CLAMP, 0.24 - 0.54" BU
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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
UL94 V-0
1.370" (34.80mm)
Clamp, P-Type
180°, Ratchet, Ribbed
0.240" ~ 0.540" (6.10mm ~ 13.72mm)
Stud Mount, Fastener
0.330" (8.38mm)
Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6; Stainless Steel (SS), Zinc Coated
4.580" (116.33mm)

About  Cable Supports and Fasteners

Cable supports and fasteners play a crucial role in securely holding cables and wires in place on a board or panel. They provide stability, prevent cable movement, and ensure efficient organization of the wiring system. With various types and mounting options available, these products offer flexibility and adaptability to different applications. The types of cable supports and fasteners include channels, clamps, clips, and supports. Each type has specific attributes that cater to different cable management needs. These attributes can include the shape, size, and design features of the support or fastener. When selecting cable supports and fasteners, several characteristics should be considered. These include the opening size, which determines the maximum diameter of the cables or wires that can be accommodated. The mounting type is another important factor, as it determines how the support or fastener is attached to the board or panel. Some common mounting types include adhesive, arrowhead, beam mount, bracket, cable tie, ceiling mount, clip-on, connector mount, DIN rail, drop wires, edge mount, fastener, fir tree, free hanging, magnetic, pipe mount, push-in, rod mount, solder, stud mount, T-Bar mount, wall mount, and weld stud. Additionally, the choice of material for cable supports and fasteners is significant. Different materials, such as plastic, metal, or rubber, offer different levels of durability, resistance to environmental factors, and electrical insulation properties. The material should be selected based on the specific requirements and conditions of the application. In summary, cable supports and fasteners are essential components for secure cable management. By considering factors such as type, type attributes, opening size, mounting type, and material, one can choose the most suitable products to efficiently hold and organize cables and wires on boards or panels.