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Advance 120-277V Power Supply (I
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PCB Symbol, Footprint & 3D Model
Surface Mount
120 ~ 277V
CCFL and UV Lamps
4.60" L x 2.40" W x 0.98" H (116.8mm x 61mm x 24.9mm)

About  Ballasts, Inverters

Inverters are electronic devices specifically engineered to generate a high output voltage, typically ranging from 100 to 1000 volts, utilizing a low input voltage that can vary between 1.5 volts and 24 volts. These devices find extensive application in various backlighting scenarios, particularly for cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs), ultraviolet lamps, and Electroluminescent (EL) wire. The primary purpose of inverters in these applications is to convert the low input voltage into a higher voltage suitable for powering the specified lighting sources. This voltage conversion enables the efficient operation of CCFLs, UV lamps, and EL wire, which require higher voltages to emit light effectively. In terms of connectivity and installation, inverters often come equipped with pre-installed connectors or through-hole mounting printed circuit (PC) pins on compact form factor boards. These termination options facilitate easy integration of the inverter into the overall lighting system, ensuring secure connections and stable performance. Overall, inverters play a critical role in providing the necessary voltage boost for specific backlighting applications, enabling the reliable and efficient operation of CCFLs, UV lamps, and EL wire. Their compact design and various termination options make them convenient to incorporate into different lighting setups.