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TurnOnGreen is a leading green energy technology provider specializing in affordable and intelligent electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Our extensive portfolio includes Energy Star Level 2 residential, commercial, and DC Fast chargers, all of which are TUV and UL-certified for utmost safety and reliability. Established in 2017, TurnOnGreen benefits from over 50 years of expertise derived from our parent company group. This group is renowned for its cutting-edge technology solutions that power mission-critical and lifesaving services. Leveraging this wealth of experience, TurnOnGreen has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing EV charging companies in North America. Our diverse range of EV chargers caters to the needs of businesses and individual EV owners alike. Whether it's a home, office, or public space, our chargers provide a convenient and efficient way to charge electric vehicles. By offering reliable and accessible charging options, we strive to accelerate the adoption of clean energy transportation and contribute to a greener future. At TurnOnGreen, we believe that sustainable mobility is essential for a healthier planet. Through our innovative and forward-thinking approach, we aim to empower positive change by facilitating widespread access to smart and affordable EV charging solutions. Join us in driving the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with TurnOnGreen.

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