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Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg has been a leading provider of test equipment for surface mount technology (SMT) in the global electronics industry. The company first gained recognition with the pioneering Smart Tweezers LCR-meter project. Building on this success, Siborg introduced the affordable LCR-Reader series of multimeters, starting with the popular LCR-Reader model. Over time, Siborg has introduced several innovative products such as the Colibri, LCR-Reader-MP, LCR-Reader MPA, LCR-Reader-MPA L, and LCR-Reader MPA Bluetooth models. Looking ahead, Siborg is committed to further expanding its product line to meet the evolving needs of customers. One upcoming addition is the LCR-Reader R2, featuring a 300 kHz test frequency. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge developments from Siborg in the near future.

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