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American Zettler

American Zettler is a leading manufacturer of high-quality relays and related products. Based in the United States, the company has been providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of industries for over 30 years. American Zettler's product portfolio includes electromechanical relays, solid-state relays, automotive relays, power relays, and more. These products are used in various applications such as industrial controls, telecommunications, medical devices, and renewable energy systems. The company's commitment to quality is reflected in its ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturing facilities, where strict quality control measures ensure reliable and long-lasting products. Moreover, American Zettler places a strong emphasis on product development and innovation, investing in research and development activities to introduce new and improved solutions that meet industry demands. In addition to its extensive product offerings, American Zettler provides exceptional customer service, offering technical support and application assistance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of its products. The company also offers customized solutions, working closely with customers to develop products tailored to their specific needs. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, American Zettler is a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality relay solutions. By combining quality, innovation, and customer service, American Zettler continues to drive advancements in the field of relays and contribute to the success of its customers.

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