Backplane Connectors

Backplane Connectors

Backplane connectors are essential components for connecting printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic devices in high-reliability applications such as computer buses. These connectors provide a robust and secure connection between PCBs, ensuring reliable data transmission and power distribution.

Backplane connectors offer various mounting options, including secure fastening hardware for board, free-hanging, through-hole, and panel mounting. The type of mounting used depends on the contact employed in the connector.

In addition to the basic connectors, backplane connector systems may include a range of accessories designed to enhance their functionality, such as locking mechanisms, keying options, and cable harnesses. These accessories ensure that the connectors remain secure and function correctly, even in demanding environments.

There are several types of backplane connectors available, including those designed for use in specialized applications such as ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated) connectors, which are commonly used in the aviation industry. These connectors meet specific industry standards and requirements, ensuring safe and reliable connectivity in aircraft systems.

Backplane connectors also come in various contact configurations, including pin, socket, and mixed arrangements. Additionally, specialized connectors may feature unique housings or shielding to provide additional protection against harsh environmental conditions or electromagnetic interference.

Overall, backplane connectors provide a critical function in high-reliability applications where secure and reliable connectivity is essential. With a range of mounting options, contacts, and accessories available, these connectors provide a versatile solution for electronic device interconnectivity.